Aug 31, 2020

7 Easy Ways To Drink More Water

Did you know that your body is about 70% water and drinking enough of it is vital to being the healthiest you? Water plays a key role in your body including helping you maintain blood pressure, regulating body temperature, and more. It’s also been shown to help those who have lost weight to keep it off.

We know that water and staying hydrated is important but it can still be difficult to drink water. This is why we wanted to share these 7 easy ways to drink more water!

Set a daily goal

Setting a daily water intake goal can help you drink more water. Simply the act of setting a goal can be motivating and make you more likely to make positive changes that last. We like to keep track of our progress as not only does it help hold us accountable but also makes it a habit.

Drink one glass of water before each meal

Another simple way to increase your water intake is to make a habit of drinking one glass of water before each meal. If you eat 3 meals per day, this adds an extra 3 cups to your daily water intake. This will also help you eat fewer calories at each meal.

Moreover, sometimes your body may mistake feelings of thirst for hunger. Drinking a glass of water before eating can help you discern whether you are feeling true hunger.

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Drink one glass of water when you wake up and before bed

Similar to drinking a glass before each meal an easy way to boost your water intake is to simply drink one glass when you wake up and another before you go to bed. It is also said that waking up and drinking a glass of cold water is a great way to boost your alertness!

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Flavor your water

If you tend to drink more juice and soda the switch to drinking more water can be tough flavor-wise. By adding fruit to your water it makes your water taste that much sweeter and easier. We like to add fruit to our cold glass of water in the morning for a refreshing touch!

Sip water throughout the day

Sipping on water consistently throughout the day is another easy way to help you meet your water goals. Reaching for a sip of water consistently during your day will keep your mouth from getting dry and may even help keep your breath fresher!

Are you ready to drink more water?

There you have it, 7 easy ways to drink more water during your day! It’s the little steps that make a big difference in this health journey.

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